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our beautiful Order in the Republic of India.

The Ancient and Accepted Rite is the largest body of Freemasons in the world working under a single constitution. It is a part of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason (Third Degree) may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic, Blue or Craft Lodge Masonry to further enlightenment through the 4th to the 33rd degrees.
The purpose of the Rite, simply stated, is to take a Freemason, in a structured and continuous path, from darkness to light and perfection. It transports him from ignorance to knowledge:
Further, it brings about a change in consciousness, a greater awareness of himself, nature and his God:
The Rite is a path of enlightenment which each Freemason must follow. It aims to to exalt the dignity of every person, the human side of our daily activities, and to maximize our service to humanity:

And thereby to produce....
Better men in a better world
Happier men in a happier world and
Wiser men in a wiser world. !!!

My dear Princes & Brothers,
After having served on our Supreme Council since its establishment on 29th September 2005 - and as the Lieutenant Grand Commander since 2010 - I now have the honour to serve as Sovereign Grand Commander.
On 3rd July 2022, M P Bro. Justice Devinder Gupta’s decision to step down from the office of Sovereign Grand Commander was accepted by the Supreme Council; and I was unanimously elected as the next Sovereign Grand Commander. We wish M P Bro. Justice Devinder Gupta well in all his laudable undertakings in the future.
Princes, together we have made a difference with our commitments to charity, to social awareness and to our brethren.
It is only with your full commitment, continued support, co-operation and assistance that we will continue to seek progress in the Order in particular and Freemasonry as a whole in general.
Of all the many Orders and Degrees Beyond the Craft and the Royal Arch, there is no doubt that for many the pinnacle of their Freemasonry is their membership of the Rose Croix.
It is pertinent to mention that the first three Degrees of the Craft are the foundation for any Masonic Order and is to be considered the highest. The workings of the Supreme Council only complement what is taught in the Craft and are not a vertical climb in Freemasonry but more a horizontal one with knowledge of the Craft and the Royal Arch being expanded by the various Degree workings of our Order.
Let us always be in amity and mutual respect with the Grand Lodge of India, many of who’s Grand Masters are also our members.
With your cooperation let us continue to spread the Light of Freemasonry and the virtues of Brotherly Love and Charity.
Thank you & regards,
M P Bro. Adreshir (Adi) Sarosh Vakil, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander